Yperon Online Ordering System

Yperon Online Ordering System is a web based service that allows restaurants to receive delivery orders from the internet.

Online Ordering is easier than talking to a person. There is no time pressure, no language barriers.

It is faster and it reduces order mistakes.

Yperon Online Ordering System allows the client to view the entire delivery menu with current pricing and specials, to select and fully customize order items while viewing the detailed invoice.

Our web based ordering system allows any size restaurant to benefit and offer its customers the latest technology in delivery.

You can see and use the Yperon Online Ordering System by clicking on the "order online" button on the right. THIS IS FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY and some options have been disabled.

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When asked to sign in use:

         as email      demo@online-ordering.yperon.com
and password      demo123